CealTech have during the last years manufactured prototypes of polymers with our Nano technology. This is what we can achieve:

  • We can boost the heat tolerance in any polymer by more than 200%
  • We can increase the mechanical strength in any polymer by more than 200%
  • We can improve durability in any polymer by more than 250%
  • We can decrease the rolling resistance of tires up to 40%, and thereby reduce fuel consumption up to 20%.
  • We can improve the mechanical strength in Epoxy by more than 200%.
  • Polymer manufacturers can with our technology make products safer for the end customer by improving their product specifications.
  • Polymers can with the new specifications be used in new applications.
  • Hydrophobic properties.
  • Hydrophilic properties.
  • Self cleaning surface (self polishing surfaces)

CealTech`s Nano technology is environmental friendly and contains no risk for particle emissions or pollution.