CealTech expects the impact of graphene-based composites and coatings to reverberate throughout countless industries, enhancing performance and increasing application possibilities.

For example, the use of graphene in paints and coatings can address market needs such as anti-fouling coatings for boats and fish farms, solar paints to absorb and transmit solar energy, paints that provide insulation for houses, and anti-rust coatings, among other things. Furthermore, lacquers are another application area for graphene, providing more resistance and protection to automotive body structures, joint/bodywork interfaces, and parts exposed to extreme wear. CealTech sees also the use of graphene (as a conductive nano-filler in the preparation of inorganic/polymer nanocomposites)

as a solution that can assist for example the wind energy industry in overcoming problems connected to wind turbine structures, such as lightning strike protection. In addition, graphene, owing to its barrier properties, can enhance the anti-corrosion properties of the resin since it absorbs most of the light and provides hydrophobicity for repelling water. One can also cite all the benefits graphene and graphene-enabled products can bring to the Aerospace, Automotive, and Maritime industries in terms of improved mechanical properties, reduced weight, extended lifetime, better insulation and, most

importantly, increased safety. It is noteworthy to mention that all these improvements can be realized even at very low filler loadings in the polymer matrix; accordingly, a very small amount of graphene can significantly improve the physical properties of neat polymers.