Batteries are essential in our daily lives, powering everything from phones, laptops, wearables, to electric tools, and more recently, revolutionizing the Transportation and Energy sectors, where batteries are being increasingly used to electrifying cars, busses, trucks, ships, etc. while providing the beating heart in smart grids structures.

Despite the significance of the economic, environmental and social prospects at play, the market has not yet reflected the growth trend befitting this importance, where current battery technologies remain too expensive, have low energy capacity, and present safety issues and cyclical instabilities. To this end, CealTech has been investigating the current challenges posed to the battery technology. An internal project aimed at understanding the fundamentals behind battery cell performance is already underway, the results of which will feed into bringing to the market a revolutionary battery technology.

At the backbone of CealTech’s battery technology is CealTech’s Graphene, which unlike commercially available ‘graphene’, has a unique 3-dimensional structure, while possessing unparalleled properties, such as extremely large surface area, superior electronic conductivity and mechanical strength.

To overcome the issues with current battery technology, the electrode material in CealTech’s own battery is engineered to have the optimal nano/micro structure that enhances ionic and electrical conductivity, while the electrolyte is modified to be more resistant to passivation, among others. Accordingly, CealTech’s battery, with its advanced anode and cathode materials and electrolyte, is set to iron out all the current bugs of for example, Li-ion batteries.

We currently continue the optimization of the nano/micro structure of the electrode materials and of the electrolyte additives, all of which will enable us to produce a safer and more cost-effective battery with outstanding specific energy, higher charge/discharge rate, and superior cyclic stability.